Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventurous Weekend

Saturday started out just like any other day with Belle. I thought I would be pulling out the appliances and heater, but she had other plans. I got the stove/oven almost out when I thought I should double check to make sure the propane tank was off. Check! Its off, couldn't turn it at all. So I proceed to disconnect the gas line to the stove and its stuck. Of course! Moving on. I start to disconnect the heater when I hear the hiss of gas coming from the line. I figure its just what's left in the line and continue disconnecting. It wasn't until the whole thing was disconnected that I realized the gas was NOT off. You saw that coming right. I ran to the tank and tried my hardest to turn the knob to no avail. Quickly the camper is filling up with gas and I am panicking. Here I had been working so hard on this thing and its going to blow up. With all the windows open already, I did the only thing I could do......just let the gas tank run out. It must have been a full tank cause I had to wait the whole day for it to air out. Not to be deterred, I went out that night to remove the stove as well as all of the knobs and hinges. Not much for a whole day. Sunday went much better...ha...Joel was here....although that really doesn't say much cause he lets me do most of the work saying its my project and only stepping in when the muscle is needed. Bunk out, back wall pieces and out. Most of the cabinets out too. Progress!

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