Monday, June 7, 2010

Purple on the inside

OK, so I didn’t get to paint on Friday, but I did manage pick up the paint. That has to count for something, right? Thanks to my brother in law I got the hookup on paint….1 gallon of primer and 2 gallons of paint all for $65….and this is the good stuff…industrial enamel. Sweet!

Saturday was spent getting Belle prepped for paint….removing the last few bits of silicone…I really hate that stuff, just when I thought it was all off…more…uggggh….anyway, I also removed all of the windows, scraped off the butyl tape, used the wire wheel to get the rust off of the bumper….etc. Here she is all ready for paint.

I tried to start priming late on Saturday, but I had issues with the paint gun. You have to keep in mind that I have never used a paint gun….ever. So I tried a few passes on some scrap wood and it came out well enough so I moved on to Belle. As it turns, the tiny air compressor that we have doesn’t work all that great for painting. I guess I shouldn’t say that it doesn’t work that great, it just doesn’t work that quickly. After a few passes, I had to stop and let the tank charge or fill up or whatever it does to paint again. Very time consuming, so I didn’t get too far with priming. Sunday will be the day!

Except that it was raining on Sunday.

Can’t I catch a break? After the rain stopped we weren’t sure if it was going to start again as had evening showers in the forecast, so we decided to work on the paneling. I can’t believe how quickly the paneling is going up, I’ve got Joel hot on my heels as I’m trying to finish up the insulation. Check it out, it’s purple! If Belle can’t be purple on the outside, she’s going to be purple on the inside.

We left our mark too.....awwww!

Check out the birch. We got the front, roof and back done as well as most of one side. Looking good. Maybe Joel will stop calling her by her nick name…..Piece of Crap…..and start calling her Belle again.

I still need to stain and install the trim pieces that will hide all of the seams, but whoa what a difference.

I made Lowes run to pick up a couple of sconces for the rear. I think they will go nicely with the sputnik light I’m working on for over the table.

No rain in the forecast for MOnday or Tuesday, so Monday prime…2 coats and sand…Tuesday…paint the top half of Belle.

By the way, it never rained again on Sunday.

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