Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pants on FIRE

OK so I've had a bit of a gap in progress.  I got a surprise visit from the rents...that's parents to you old folks out there. LOL! It was a very welcomed visit as my dad hadn't seen our new old house yet.....and yes he loved the purple green and red that I painted it.  Belle and I both got a rest from destruction until Tuesday morning.  With the parents on their way back to Texas, I set my sights on gutting Belle to the "studs". I started out tackling the carpet; yes that's right carpet in a camper.  Wha?!?!?!?   Not just one layer of carpet either, 4 different kinds of carpet in 2 layers.  Some stapled, some nailed and some glued, stapled and nailed.  I actually had to use a pry bar to get all of the carpet out.  Sheesh!  Carpet out!  Moving on to the last of the cabinets....the kitchen.  So I proceed to disconnect the plumbing...yuck...there's water in the line. Heebie jeebies.  At this point I'm really proud of myself, I was able to muscle out these cabinets with no problem.  I must be getting some guns from all of this.  Yeah right!  Kitchen no more.....notice all of my labeling with the duct tape.  LOL!

Now, somehow, I've got to remove all of the side panels in one piece so that I can use them as a template for the new birch panels that I will be installing.  Easier said than done.  I started removing all of the nails and staples from the side panels when I decided that I really needed to start with the ceiling.  I can say one thing for sure....this roof didn't leak.  These ceiling panels were really in there....glued, stapled, nailed and in a bracket....and they were solid too or as solid as a 1/8" panel can be.  I was really having a hard time, but I continued...this was not going to get the better of me.  I got a couple of panels off and realized that while yanking on the ceiling panels, wood bits were falling down the v-neck t-shirt I was wearing and making their way down my overalls to you guessed it!  Must take a pause to wiggle these pieces down the pant leg.  Holy crap its getting hot at this point.  It was like 85 in Nashvegas yesterday.  Isn't it only April?  Moving on to the side panels.  It took a whole lot of wiggling and staple removing to get just one of the panels off when I started itching like crazy.  My arms and chest were on FIRE.  While I was yanking on the ceiling panels, not only were wood bit falling down my shirt, so was the insulation.  I literally had to run to the house and immediately shower.  Only half a days work.  At this rate I'm never going to finish on time.  I need the Restoring a Vintage Camper for Dummies book....anyone out there have it?  

So here is where I left things yesterday.  I have no doubt today will be a better day.  Yes I'm wearing long sleeves and pants!  No wood bits going near my cha cha today.


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